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Motability Dealers Birmingham:


Choice of most car manufacturers, makes and models including:
Audi, BMW, Citroen, FIAT, Ford and many more are available.
About The Motability Car Scheme:

What Can the Motability Car Scheme Do for You?

The Motability Car Scheme is designed to help people with mobility affecting health problems regain their independence.  The scheme offers cars on a three-year lease to people in receipt of certain qualifying benefits.  Under the scheme, you are provided with a car, insurance, tax, and breakdown cover, as well as regular servicing and maintenance. The scheme frees you from the hassles and major expenses of owning a car.  You still have to pay for fuel and parking costs, but the majority of the major expenses are covered through the scheme, which you can find more from Motability Dealers Birmingham.

Will I Qualify, and What Does it Cost?

The Motability Car Scheme is open to people who get the top level of mobility payments as part of their DLA.  If you are the parent or carer of a child over the age of three that qualifies for that sort of assistance, then you still qualify for the scheme. There are thousands of cars to choose from, including a range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.  Some of the cars offered under the scheme require an Advance Payment while, others do not.  When you choose a car, you are renting it out of your mobility payment.  If the rental cost of the car is lower than your weekly mobility payment, then you will still receive the remainder of your mobility payment, and can spend that money as you see fit.  If you need financial assistance to make the advance payment, this can often be arranged. After the three year lease is up, you will be contacted by your Motability dealer, and, assuming you still qualify for a car, they will arrange for you to select a new car under the scheme.  If you need a car with special modifications because of your medical condition, then these modifications are usually available free of charge.

Many cars are available and the following are an example: BMW 1 Series, Volvo C30, Volkswagon Golf, Audi A3, Fiat, Ford Focus, Peugeot 306, Fiat 500c, Audi A3 Cabriolet, SEAT Altea Vauxhall Motability Birmingham and many more...

Explanation Video - Top Motability Tips:

Watch the video below which explains the Motability scheme more and who can qualify:

Huge Choice of Makes & Models:

There are many makes and models available through the Motability scheme - first you need to find a dealer and visit the showroom, where you can look at all the available models - use this website to find Motability dealers.

Toyota, Citroen, Volkswagon and Ford.


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