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Motability Dealer Hounslow:


Makes and models including, Ford, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat:
Audi, BMW, Citroen, FIAT, Ford and many more are available.
About The Motability Car Scheme:

Most car garages are also Motability dealers and if you receive higher rate of Disability Living Allowance then you can have a car using this money through the scheme.

There are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about the Motability scheme.  For example, some people misconstrue that once you take possession of the car, maintenance expenses like fueling the vehicle, paying for speeding and parking fines are not the owner’s responsibility. This is certainly not true. All such expenses are incurred by the owner.
Even though the Motability car scheme does come with some benefits, there are certain exemptions.

  • Repairs for car damages arising out of personal negligence.
  • Any extra fittings in the car like music systems and seat covers are also at the owner’s costs.
  • Some adaptations require extra payment if the total cost cannot be covered by the Motability allowance.
  • General maintenance like car wash services will be paid for by you.

The scheme is only available to either of the following groups:

  • Individuals who receive a disability living allowance.
  • Those receiving a war pensioner’s allowance.

You may apply on behalf of the beneficiary if they are incapable, like underage children and person’s suffering from disability.
Appointed drivers by the beneficiary should be relatives living in the same address or immediate neighbourhood.  
If you don’t use the vehicle for its intended purposes, you risk receiving punitive measures from the Motability car scheme. Offences that could lead to action against the beneficiary include:

  • Sub-letting the vehicle or using it as a taxi.
  • Unauthorized drivers - The car may only be driven by the appointed driver as per the certificate of Motor Insurance issued with the lease contract. It is not compulsory that the beneficiary always be present in the vehicle.

Finally, if you have an old vehicle and you need to engage in the Motability car scheme, you can trade in your old car for a brand new one at the dealer’s.  This saves you time in securing a buyer although not all dealers offer this facility, check with the Motability website.

Motability Dealers Hounslow

Explanation Video - Top Motability Tips:

Watch the video below which explains the Motability scheme more and who can qualify:

Huge Choice of Makes & Models:

There are many makes and models available through the Motability scheme - first you need to find Motability dealers Hounslow and visit the showroom, where you can look at all the available models - use this website to find dealers.

Toyota, Citroen, Volkswagon and Ford.


MotabilityDealers.org.uk is in no way connected too or part of Motability Operations. This website is for information only purposes and to help you find a car dealer
in the UK who provides cars through the Motability Scheme. Ford, Audi, Citroen. 13th November 2011.

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