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Motability Dealers Manchester:


Choice of most car manufacturers, makes and models including:
Audi, BMW, Citroen, FIAT, Ford and many more are available.
About The Motability Car Scheme:

The Motability Car Scheme is designed to allow those with mobility affecting disabilities to lease new cars, enabling them to stay independent and mobile without having to spend a lot of money. To qualify for the scheme, you must be in receipt of the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance, or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement.  You must also have twelve months or more remaining on your award.

The scheme is open to everyone over the age of three.  If the person who qualifies is too young to drive, or does not have a valid driver's license, then they will be able to nominate up to two other people to drive for them.  The named drivers should be chosen carefully, as only people who are named on the insurance form are permitted to drive a Motability Car. The Motability scheme covers more than just the car.  For the payment (which is taken out of your mobility award), you also get insurance, the car's annual tax, breakdown cover, and regular maintenance of the car, including tyre replacement.

Journeys taken in a Motability Car Scheme car should be for the benefit of the person who qualified.  Business use is not permitted, unless it is explicitly agreed to when you get the car.  There is a limit on the number of miles that can be driven in the car, but the limits are generous for personal use - 100,000 miles per 3 years for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, and 60,000 miles per 3 years for a standard vehicle. If you would like to learn more about the Motability Car Scheme, just contact your local Motability Dealers Manchester.  There are approximately 5,000 Motability Car Scheme dealers in the UK, so it should be easy to find one in your local area through this website.

Many types of vehicles and cars are available including: Ford Focus, Toyota Avis, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series - each have different advanced payments which you can find out from your local dealer.

Explanation Video - Top Motability Tips:

Watch the video below which explains the Motability scheme more and who can qualify:

Huge Choice of Makes & Models:

There are many makes and models available through the Motability scheme - first you need to find a dealer and visit the showroom, where you can look at all the available models - use this website to find Motability dealers.

Toyota, Citroen, Volkswagon and Ford.


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in the UK who provides cars through the Motability Scheme. Motability Dealers Manchester - Salford - Wigan - Trafford. 25th June 11.

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