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There is a huge selection of Motability Cars which you can choose from and the vasts majority of makes and models are available on the scheme. These include BMW, Audi, Ford, Citroen, Toyota etc etc. The list of makes and models of cars is endless and there are hundreds of motability cars which are available for no advanced payment.

Choosing a Motability Scheme Vehicle:

If you’re going to be using a Motability Scheme, you’ll eventually have to choose the vehicle that you’d like to purchase. Who are we kidding? We’re sure that you’ve already got a good idea as to what kind of vehicle that you want! Aesthetics may be nice, but as you know, there’s a lot more to take into account here. There a few things that you should consider before you settle on a vehicle, as it’s mostly about functionality when considering the disabled, and choosing a vehicle that keeps that at the forefront is generally the one that’s in the most demand. Your job is to find one that encompasses a few other characteristics, too.

Adaptions and Specifications:

First and foremost, the car may have to be fitted for your intended purpose. For instance, adaptions are easily the most important part. Steering, steering, signaling and safety may have to be customised in some particular fashion, and finding a car where that’s feasible is ideal – provided the disabled will be driving. The same goes with seating and access to the vehicle, especially for wheelchair accessibility. But don’t worry, these things are generally provided without cost. And of course, you’ll want to be able to have a vehicle that provides the best possible experience as far as weight and height are also concerned.

Assorted Expenses:

Although you don’t have to take the vehicle in for maintenance, you still must pay for petrol and insurance on the vehicle, which can prove to be quite costly. Larger vehicles use more fuel; drivers under the age of 25 are generally charged more for insurance policies. Also, these young adults are restricted to driving vehicles that are Car Group 18 or below, which may also greatly affect the vehicles that you choose, as well.

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