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Motability Dealers Woking:


Choice of most car manufacturers, makes and models including:
Audi, BMW, Citroen, FIAT, Ford and many more are available.
About The Motability Car Scheme:

It is gratifying to finally drive off in your brand new car after visiting a dozen Motability dealers in Woking and conducting numerous test drives. After picking the car of your choice you most certainly would like to cruise around in it. Before that happens there are a few things that need to be addressed and paperwork that needs to be filled.

So what exactly do you need to do before fully owning the car?

You need to leave the following with the dealer for processing by the Motability car company.

  • The award entitlement notice
  • Your driving license or that of the appointed driver
  • Proof of address( you can use a utility bill for this)

If there are any adaptations needed on the car, it is recommended that you inform the dealer. After your application has been verified the Motability car company will send you a letter of acceptance. Accompanying the letter will be a Personal Identification Number (P.I.N) that you will use to sign the contract and collect your car.

After receiving your letter confirm with the Woking dealer when exactly you can get the car. This would also be a great time to confirm with the dealer on whether the car has been delivered. Confirm the adaptations before driving off. When you return to the dealer the lease contract and insurance documents should be signed. If the selected car requires advance payment you have to clear that with the dealer first.

After that, you get a terms and conditions handbook plus the car’s tax disc and a copy of the lease agreement and insurance documents. From the day you take custody of your car the Motability car company begins withholding your mobility allowance through the Department for Work and Pensions or the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Motability Woking

Explanation Video - Top Motability Tips:

Watch the video below which explains the Motability scheme more and who can qualify:

Huge Choice of Makes & Models:

There are many makes and models available through the Motability scheme - first you need to find Motability dealers Woking and visit the showroom, where you can look at all the available models - use this website to find dealers.

Toyota, Citroen, Volkswagon and Ford.


MotabilityDealers.org.uk is in no way connected too or part of Motability Operations. This website is for information only purposes and to help you find a car dealer
in the UK who provides cars through the Motability Scheme. All makes and models of cars. 13/11/11.

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